Prologue: Children Born to John Skilling and Agnes Ruxton

Florence Elizabeth (Floss) -- Born December 6, 1878

Eugenia Maude (Maude) -- Born June 29, 1881

Orville Ruxton -- Born June 16, 1883

Marion Emma (Mae) -- Born June 2, 1885

Gertrude Edna (Gert) -- Born April 14, 1887

William Milton (Bill) -- Born August 20, 1889

John Alexander -- Born April 28, 1891 -- Died May 1, 1891

Harold Roy -- Born July 31, 1893

Agnes Norma -- Born July 25, 1896

Vernon David -- Born August 8, 1900

Skilling Family c. 1896
back: Maude, Floss, Orville
middle: John, Gert, Mae, Norma, Agnes
front: Harold, William

Norma Skilling Jackson began writing her memories in January 1978 and had not finished them when she died suddenly on May 10, 1981. She had not yet written about herself (except in passing), and her two brothers, Harold and Vern. In 1996 her notes were edited by her daughter-in-law Ruth Zaryski Jackson and typed by her granddaughter Larissa Jean Jackson. In 2010 Ruth re-edited Norma's notes for coherence and clarity and posted them on this blog for all to access. Additional material collected from Grace Skilling Smith about Harold and supplemented with information provided by his granddaughter Lynn Skilling was added. Ruth has written up notes on Norma and Vern and inserted photographs for all the  Skilling family.

My mother Norma Skilling Jackson died suddenly of a massive heart attack in 1981 before completing her family story. It made us all realize how important it is to write down for our children and grandchildren, memories which may seem mundane to us, but are precious records of our roots. Norma's warm and compassionate account of the family helps us to remember our love for her and our pride in members of the family who went before us. Her spirit lives.

David Jackson
June 1996 

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